Spanish Pet Names

One of the most romantic languages in the world is Spanish.  Calling your girlfriend or wife one of many Spanish pet names is a sure way to keep the flame on.  Spanish pet names are good for almost any occasion. You could use it during a dinner, at the movies while speaking softly to her ear, at a Spanish event (she’ll love it), or at a party.

The good thing about Spanish pet names is that you dont even need to know the language! Because the nickname is just one word.  So no need to practice a whole sentence or paragraph, just a single word.

Your girlfriend doesnt even have to be Latina.  One of the cutest and romantic ways to turn things on is by calling your significant other by that special Spanish name.  It’s unique, different and sexy.


Amor (love)

Amor linda (sweet/ beautiful love)

Amorsito (Love-in a cute way)

Amorsote (Love-in a big way)

Amorsura (Someone that is nothing but love)


Bella (bella/ beautiful)


Cariño (caring one)


Dulce (sweetie)


Flaca (sexy)


Mi Vida (my life)

Mi Amor (my love)

Mi todo (My everything)

Moi (luv)

More (luve)

Mami (sexy person)


Tesoro (my treasure)





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